Economic Justice

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a dignified, productive, and safe life where they can prosper, provide for their loved ones, and enjoy their golden years.

An economically just society provides ways for all people to thrive no matter the color of their skin, gender, sexuality, or the circumstances that they were born into. Yet, too often we see predatory financial schemes and lending programs that prey on people with lower incomes and perverse systems of fines and fees that pile on the backs of those already struggling to get by. These systems compound on one another, trapping people in cycles of poverty that can often lead to economic devastation for entire families and communities. Public Counsel works to disrupt these harmful systems, end the criminalization of poverty, and protect the economic security of those targeted by consumer fraud or over-burdened with debt.

Areas of Expertise

Accessing Government Benefits

Bail Debt

Bankruptcy & Debtor Assistance

Criminalization of Poverty

Debt collection

For-Profit Colleges & Student Loan Debt

Fraud & Unfair Business Practices

Mortgage Servicing & Foreclosure

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE)

Small Business Legal Services

Workplace Justice for Women & Non-Binary Workers

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