Bankruptcy & Debtor Assistance


Senior paralegal Vikki Padilla (left), with Public Counsel’s Debtor Assistance Project, stands with pro bono counsel Jonathan Hayes (back) and his client Ms. Dominguez.

Too often, someone in desperate financial straits is unaware of the impact a bankruptcy filing can have on their financial future, or whether bankruptcy is the appropriate remedy in their individual situation. Additionally, people struggling with debt who are victims of creditor misconduct, or fraud perpetrated by bankruptcy petition preparers, often have nowhere to turn to for legal assistance. 

Public Counsel’s Debtor Assistance team aims to ensure that consumers have the necessary legal support to navigate the bankruptcy legal process and to explore their bankruptcy and non-bankruptcy options. Through direct legal services and individual representation, we protect consumers from bankruptcy fraud and assist consumers with successfully navigating the bankruptcy legal process.

Go to our services page to make an appointment and access resources:

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