Our People


Executive Team

Mónica Ramírez Almadani

Helen & Morgan Chu Chief Executive Officer Distinguished Chair

Tracy Rice

Vice President and Chief Development Officer

Karla Chalif

Vice President , Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Cindy Pánuco

Vice President and Chief Program Officer

Steven Godoy

Interim Chief Financial Officer

Directing Attorneys

Sharon Balmer Cartagena

Directing Attorney – Children’s Rights Project

Gina Amato Lough

Directing Attorney – Immigrants’ Rights Project

Steph Carroll

Directing Attorney – Consumer Rights and Economic Justice

Ritu Mahajan Estes

Directing Attorney – Community Development Project

Mark Rosenbaum

Robins Kaplan Director – Opportunity Under Law

Silvana Naguib

Directing Attorney – Homelessness Prevention Law Project

Amanda Pertusati

Interim Directing Attorney – Center for Veterans Advancement

Kristen Jackson

Interim Directing Attorney – Women and Girls’ Rights


Kathryn Eidmann

Director of Litigation

Doug Smith

Director of Policy and Coalition Building

Joshua Busch

Director of Communications

Judy Verduzco

Director of Social Work

David Daniels

Director of Pro Bono

Joshua Hirsch

Director of Grants

Scott Gizicki

Director of Philanthropy

Scot Moore

Director of Information Technology

Ana Torres

Interim Director of Human Resources

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