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Joshua Busch

Director of Communications

Joshua Busch is the Director of Communications for Public Counsel. His team develops communications strategies to support the organization’s eight legal projects and fundraising efforts while spotlighting its work to build a more just society through policy advocacy, impact litigation, and direct services.

Prior to joining Public Counsel, Joshua served as the Director of Digital Media for Community Coalition, where he helped build the social media and digital presence for one of the nation’s premier community-organizing institutions. He developed communications plans to help win resources for Los Angeles’ highest-need schools, trained organizations on messaging to pass criminal justice reform, and produced videos highlighting the organization’s campaigns to transform South LA.

Joshua has his Master in Social Work (MSW) and started his career as a case manager and academic coordinator for Community Coalition. He quickly took on new responsibilities and rose to become the Director of Youth Programs for Community Coalition before shifting gears to focus on communications over a decade ago. In addition, he has a background in clinical research and mental health services, and has a passion for video production and photography.

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