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Educación Especial y Servicios Relacionados: Abogando por Los Estudiantes con Discapacidades

Todos los estudiantes merecen aprender y prosperar en la escuela. Desafortunadamente, no todos los estudiantes reciben el apoyo y los servicios que necesitan para tener éxito academico. Aunque las leyes …


Guardianship of the Person – Appendices

Appendices for Guardianship of the Person – Attorney Manual.


Guardianship of the Person – Attorney Manual

Step-by-step guide for practitioners on how to obtain a guardianship and Special Immigrant Juvenile Findings (SIJ findings) from the probate division of the California Superior Court. Some practitioners will use this manual to seek both a guardianship and SIJ findings from the court, while others will seek guardianship alone for those clients who do not need or are not eligible for SIJ findings.

Guide, Toolkit

Special Education & Related Services: Advocating for Students with Disabilities

All students deserve to learn and thrive at school. Unfortunately, not all students receive the supports and services they need to succeed. Although federal and state laws set forth specific …


The ABC’s of Transition And the Independent Living Program

This manual is for foster youth and former foster youth and will give you an understanding of the resources available to you as you transition to adulthood. There are many services available to you that you might not even know about, such as continued Medi-Cal coverage (health insurance), tuition assistance, tutoring, and scholarship opportunities.

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