Children’s Rights Project


Strong and supported families give children and youth the security they need to grow and thrive. When we invest in our families and children, we empower children and youth to heal, grow, thrive, and become the future leaders of our communities and organizations.

Founded in 1986, the Children’s Rights Project is one of the largest projects at Public Counsel. Our staff of over 20 attorneys, social workers, and advocates represent clients in the areas of adoptions, probate guardianships, and education. We work with system-impacted youth on a variety of legal issues that create barriers to stability, and engage in policy work in the areas of child welfare, public benefits, and criminalization in schools. We seek to ensure that all of our work is client-centered, trauma-informed, and resiliency-focused with an understanding that our clients and their communities interact daily with the structural racism embedded in our child welfare, public benefits, education, and justice systems.


We serve children, youth, families, and caregivers who are unable to access legal services due to economic barriers, or as part of an initiative to bolster access to legal support for all Los Angeles County residents.

To get help with a children’s rights issue, visit our services page:

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