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List of Initial Filing Fees for Setting Up a California Tax-Exempt Corporation [2022]

This guide lists the initial fees to set up a tax-exempt corporation in California.


Loan Modifications [2009]

In this information sheet, the topic of loan modification options is explored through a series of questions addressing many common concerns of nonprofit organizations that are struggling to manage outstanding …


Managing Your Student Loans

Instructions for how to manage your student loan debts.

Guide, Spanish

Mediacion vs. Derecho Procesal

Como el dueno y operador de un negocio de cuidado infantil, es probable que un problema surja que hara que usted considere tomar accion legal. Los problemas que pueden surgir …


Mediation vs Litigation: Things for Child Care Providers to Consider Before Going to Court [2016]

Mediation is a private process where a neutral third person called a mediator facilitates a discussion of the issues at hand and helps you and the other party to potentially resolve the dispute through negotiation. Both you and the other party have an opportunity to describe the issues, discuss your interests and provide each other with information that may help to resolve the dispute.


Mediation vs Litigation: Things to Consider Before Going to Court [2016]

This document defines mediation as a private process where a neutral third person called a mediator facilitates a discussion of the issues at hand and helps you and the other party to potentially resolve the dispute through negotiation; describes several advantages of the process, and provides a list of some local organizations that may be helpful.


Meeting of Creditors (Chapter 7)

In each Chapter 7 bankruptcy case, you will have a meeting with the Chapter 7 trustee (called the “Meeting of Creditors” or “341(a) Meeting.” This flyer will give you an …

Spanish, Template/Sample Form

Modelo de Un Contrato Para Guarderias Familiares con Provisiones de COVID [Agosto 2022]

El contrato que sigue es una muestra, no un modelo; puede contener disposiciones que no son apropiado para ciertos proveedores, y puede que no contenga otros que requiera su programa. …


Mutual Directorships [2004]

This alert highlights some issues a director of multiple nonprofit organizations may encounter when presented with a business opportunity that creates a potential conflict of loyalties.


Naming your Family Child Care Business

California State law requires individuals, partnerships and corporations to register a “Fictitious Business Name” (commonly known as a DBA – “doing business as”) if they operate a business and/or collect money under a name different from their legal surname(s) or corporation names.

FAQs, Guide

Navigating Copyright Infringement for Nonprofits

This guide is designed to help nonprofit organizations avoid copyright infringement. The guide compiles frequently asked questions and answers on copyright, copyright infringement, and fair use. The material is divided …


Neighbor Disputes and Your Family Child Care Home Business

Neighbor disputes arise for a variety of reasons, some of which may relate to your child care business. As a family child care home provider you have several options for addressing these disputes or harassment that may include insults or obscenities directed at you, your family, your helpers, your parents, or even the children in your care, actions impeding the use of your home as a business, reporting you to Licensing, and other similar acts.

FAQs, Guide

New Best Practices Guide: Background Checks

This publication addresses some of the key legal considerations governing the use of employee background checks, including federal and state consumer credit reporting laws, anti-discrimination statutes, employment laws, and state and local “ban the box” laws.

Template/Sample Form

No Contact Letter Packet ENGLISH

If you are “collection-proof,” meaning that you have no assets that debt collectors can obtain from you even if they have a judgment against you, you can use this packet …

Guide, Spanish

Nombrando Su Negocio y Guardaria

La ley de California requiere que los individuos, socios y sociedades anónimas registren un “Fictitious Business Name” (un nombre inventado para el negocio que también se conoce como el DBA …

Guide, Spanish

Nota Para Preparadores de Impuestos que Asisten a Proveedores de Cuidado Infantil

Al ayudar a los proveedores de cuidado infantil familiar, los preparadores de declaraciones de impuestos deben tener en cuenta que hay reglas especiales 1) para el uso del negocio de la casa; y 2) en relacion con los gastos de alimentacion. Esta publicacion esta destinada a proporcionar informacion general a preparadores de declaraciones de impuestos sobre las cuestiones fiscales que afectan los proveedores de cuidado infantil familiar.


Note to Tax Return Preparers Assisting Family Child Care Providers

Assisting family child care providers (“FCCPs”) with their tax returns generally raises the same issues as for all other home-based businesses, like proper proof of income and expense, separation of business and personal expenses, etc. The IRS and Congress have provided special rules for FCCPs, thereby recognizing the difficulty of separating personal expenses from business expenses in a family child care setting.


Notification Requirements for California Public Benefit Corporations: Change of Address, Name, Mission or Specific Purpose, Scope of Activities, or Other Significant Changes to Bylaws

Directors and executive staff of a California nonprofit organization may wish to make changes to the organization, including changing the name, mission, programs and services, or governing rules. This guide explains the required process for making these changes, including how to notify the IRS and California regulatory agencies, as well as potential legal concerns that need to be addressed before the changes are made.

Template/Sample Form

Now That You’re Incorporated: Summary of Legal Requirements for Newly Formed Nonprofit Corporations

This is a sample letter that an attorney should send to a nonprofit corporation after it has successfully applied for and received tax-exempt status from the IRS. The letter covers …

Guide, Spanish, Template/Sample Form

Paquete de Carta de “No Contacto” – En Español

Si usted es ‘a prueba de cobros’, lo que significa que no tiene bienes que los acreedores puedan obtener de usted, incluso si tienen un fallo en su contra, puede …


Physical Barrier Accommodations for Small Businesses – A Guide to Comply with State and Federal Disability Laws

This publication is a reference guide for small business owners on physical barrier accommodations they may need to make in order to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), …


Preventing and Investigating Fraud, Embezzlement, and Charitable Asset Diversion: What’s A Nonprofit Board To Do? [2014]

This guide includes practical steps your board can take to prevent embezzlement and, if necessary, respond to it.


Priced Out, Pushed Out, Locked Out: How Permanent Tenant Protections Can Help Communities Prevent Homelessness & Resist Displacement in LA County

For decades, hundreds of thousands of tenants in unincorporated Los Angeles County had virtually no protection against exorbitant rent increases or unfair evictions, fundamentally undermining their housing stability. This is …

Template/Sample Form

Property Tax Assessment Appeal Form

This form contains all of the requests for information that are required for filing an application for changed assessment with the Los Angeles County Assessment Appeals Board.


Public Disclosure of Tax Documents for Nonprofit Organizations

This alert provides an overview of the legal requirement that tax-exempt organizations make federal exemption applications (e.g. Form 1023 or Form 1024-A) and annual informational tax returns (Form 990, Form …

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