Federal Pro Se Clinic


The Federal Pro Se Clinic opened its doors in 2009 to assist unrepresented litigants with civil cases in the Central District of California. The Clinic’s mission is to provide advice on navigating the Court’s procedures, which often catch unrepresented litigants in a byzantine web of information. The Clinic operates with a staff of two attorneys and one paralegal, as well as the contributions of numerous volunteer attorneys and law students.

The Clinic is housed in the Roybal Federal Building and is open by appointment only. The Clinic delivers many of its services via email communication, telephone, and virtual Zoom clinics. Through its services, the Clinic provides procedural guidance in various areas of the law, including social security appeals, employment discrimination, intellectual property, and civil rights. 

In addition to appointment-based services, the Clinic provides a large library of self-help materials, with informational legal guides and fillable forms. The Clinic also maintains a YouTube channel with a growing playlist to assist people with court forms and strategical decisions.

The Clinic serves people from all over the country and all over the world, as long as they have a case pending in the Central District court. Although the majority of the people assisted by the Clinic are plaintiffs, many are defendants in such areas as intellectual property, forfeiture, ADA accessibility, and insurance/interpleader actions.

Go to our services page to make an appointment and access resources:

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