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Impact Litigation

We pursue groundbreaking legal strategies that promote economic and social justice for low-income communities and communities of color across the nation. 

Opportunity should not be afforded to just the privileged, or dependent on race, class, gender, national origin or immigration status, sexual orientation, or whether an individual is housed. We all deserve the chance to thrive. Our staff work with clients and partners to identify patterns of injustice that the communities we serve endure every day. We then take action by litigating cases with the goal of effecting large-scale change and systems reform. 

Impact litigation work has been a part of the organization’s work for decades; however, in 2009 we launched Public Counsel’s first dedicated impact litigation unit. In 2013, the project was expanded in both size and scope and renamed Opportunity Under Law. With a mighty team of organizers and attorneys,Opportunity Under Law was designed to bring large-scale civil rights cases while working closely with affected communities and advancing public discourse. 

Click here to see our current litigation. 

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