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Direct Services

Our team provides free direct legal services and support or matches clients with pro bono advocates, ensuring they have a partner standing with them, their families,  and our communities as they pursue justice.

For over 50 years, Public Counsel has fought alongside our clients to advance equal justice under law by delivering free and direct legal services to thousands of families, children, and individuals annually. We collaborate with the nation’s top law firms and companies to ensure that our clients are provided the resources they need to receive fair and just representation.

With eight projects that cover a breadth of legal issues – children’s rights, education rights, immigration, consumer protection and economic justice, veterans’ issues, community development, women and girls’ rights, and homelessness prevention – Public Counsel provides legal support to address the most pressing needs in our communities. Our legal interventions are strengthened by our unique approach to incorporate social work services that prioritize trauma-informed, and healing-centered support. Public Counsel’s diverse staff of lawyers, organizers, social workers, and administrative staff, collaborate to offer wide-ranging expertise, access to holistic services, and innovative problem solving that allows us to comprehensively serve our clients and their communities across multiple issue areas.  

Click HERE to learn more about how social work strengthens our organization. 

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