Children, Youth & Families


Public Counsel runs a self-help guardianship clinic* that assists with legal guardianship petitions for adults caring for children. The clinic also assists with petitions for visitation and termination of guardianship.

We offer free assistance to pro per litigants seeking help with:

  • Petitions for Guardianship
  • Petitions for Visitation
  • Termination of Guardianship
  • Other guardianship situations
Monday–Thursday, 9:00 am - 3:00 pm
–> First Come-First Served 
–> Please Note: We can only assist a limited number of litigants each day

*The clinic’s full name is the Skadden Arps “Pro Per” Guardianship Clinic. “Pro per” is Latin for “for oneself,” and is used to refer to a person who represents themself in court.

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