Homelessness Prevention Law Project


Throughout Los Angeles and across California, homelessness and a shortage of affordable housing cause immeasurable suffering for people experiencing poverty. These crises are compounded by a lack of affordable legal counsel for renters facing eviction and the inability to secure services and benefits for those who need help to meet their basic needs. 

The Homelessness Prevention Law Project works to prevent and end homelessness in LA County by filling in these gaps and fighting for a world where all people have access to legal counsel, housing, food, and basic support. 

Through services such as tenant counseling, eviction defense, fighting fines for quality-of-life infractions and misdemeanors, and government benefits advocacy, we contribute to the creation of a strong social safety net to serve individuals who are at risk of or currently experiencing homelessness. We also engage in impact litigation, advocacy, and public education to create positive institutional and systemic change on behalf of low-income communities. Through these efforts – and through meaningful engagement with government agencies and community partners – we strive to keep families and individuals housed, food secure, and connect to other vital benefits.


Each year, we provide legal representation to hundreds of individuals and families experiencing homelessness who are struggling to maintain food and health benefits, shelter, cash assistance, and other essential services. We serve vulnerable populations in the Los Angeles area who would otherwise lack access to legal services due to barriers posed by language and socioeconomic status.

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