From Legal Battle to Legacy: Public Counsel Client Inducted into Class Action Hall of Fame

Class Action Hall of Fame recipients at the celebration lunch in San Francisco. (photo credit: Alain McLaughlin Photography/Impact Fund)

Congratulations to Elyse K., a courageous client of Public Counsel, who has been inducted into the Impact Fund’s Class Action Hall of Fame for 2024! This annual award honors plaintiffs whose commitment and determination have led to significant advances in economic, environmental, racial, and social justice.

Elyse bravely took a stand for children enrolled in a public school that purportedly specialized in serving those with emotional challenges. Elyse’s children were subjected to the school’s unlawful and dangerous use of restraints and seclusion in non-emergency situations. The lawsuit we filed describes one incident where Elyse’s daughter was picked up and held against a wall with her legs pulled apart and her head bent towards the floor.

Elyse, an autism specialist, knew these practices were unsafe and harmful, and became a fierce advocate for her children and other students. Over the lawsuit’s five-year duration, she emerged as a pivotal spokesperson, sharing her story and calling for change. Thanks to her relentless advocacy, she helped to secure two landmark settlements that will protect countless children from experiencing similar injustices in the future.

We are incredibly proud to have supported Elyse in her legal battle alongside our co-counsel, Sullivan & Cromwell LLP. Together, we made a formidable team in the pursuit of justice and equality.

Hear directly from Elyse K. and learn more about her groundbreaking victory in this short video:

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