Navigating Copyright Infringement for Nonprofits

This guide is designed to help nonprofit organizations avoid copyright infringement. The guide compiles frequently asked questions and answers on copyright, copyright infringement, and fair use. The material is divided …

Child Care for All: How to Develop and Renovate ECE Facilities in Los Angeles County

This toolkit supports ECE providers with navigating the complex process of child care facility development in unincorporated areas of LA County. Developed in partnership with the LA County Department of Public Health, Office for the Advancement of Early Care & Education (OAECE), it provides a step-by-step process and resources for obtaining approvals to renovate and construct new ECE facilities.

Choosing Your Business Entity

When starting a business, it is common to have questions such as how to protect your personal assets (e.g. your home), how the business pays taxes, and how to get …

Legislative Alert — SB 972

SB 972 is a California law that makes it easier for sidewalk vendors who sell food to obtain health permits by making changes to the California Retail Food Code. This …

AB5: Proper Classification of Employee vs. Independent Contractor

When hiring workers, properly classifying them as employees or independent contractors has considerable significance for both the workers and businesses, including nonprofits. This bulletin will review the difference between an employee and independent contractor, how to properly apply the ABC test to worker classification, exceptions to the rule, and implications for nonprofits and small businesses.

Guardianship of the Person – Attorney Manual

Step-by-step guide for practitioners on how to obtain a guardianship and Special Immigrant Juvenile Findings (SIJ findings) from the probate division of the California Superior Court. Some practitioners will use this manual to seek both a guardianship and SIJ findings from the court, while others will seek guardianship alone for those clients who do not need or are not eligible for SIJ findings.