Gender Justice


The Audrey Irmas Gender Justice Project seeks to advance the rights of women, girls, and gender-expansive people in LA County and beyond. We provides free legal assistance for the following types of legal matters:

Workplace Justice

  • Discrimination
  • Sexual harassment/sexual assault
  • Pregnancy and parenting rights
  • Unfair pay and scheduling practices
  • Disability rights and accommodations
  • Sick days and family leave
  • Covid-related workplace issues

For information on your rights in the workplace, sign up to call our weekly Advice Line: Workplace Rights Advice Clinic CLICK HERE.

Equity and Opportunity in Education

  • Gender discrimination at school or in higher education
  • Sexual or gender-based harassment
  • Campus sexual assault/ Title IX investigations and proceedings
  • Rights of pregnant students, parents, and caregivers

Please Note: Public Counsel does not assist with DV restraining orders or family law.


Complete this online application:

Emergency Hotline/Crisis services: If you are a victim of domestic or sexual abuse and require immediate support services such as crisis counseling, temporary restraining order, or emergency shelter, please call the hotline at Peace Over Violence (213-626-3393) or East Los Angeles Women’s Center (800-585-6231) for confidential assistance in English and Spanish. For emergency services in AAPI languages, contact the Center for Pacific Asian Family at 1-800-339-3940. Available 24/7.

Workshops and Training

The Audrey Irmas Gender Justice Project is available to provide informational materials, presentations and /or training to your organization or school on legal and policy issues impacting women and girls such as workplace rights and Title IX.

  • Call our intake line: 213 385-2977, EXT. 410 
  • Or email the Gender Justice Project to request support: EMAIL HERE

Support for Women Entrepreneurs

If you need assistance to start a new business or have legal questions relating to your small or micro-business, please contact Public Counsel’s Community Development Project.

Check your eligibility and apply for services at:

  • Small Business Legal Services HERE
  • Or call 213-385-2977 X 200 for more information.
  • Check out our flyer:
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