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Community-Campaign Assistance

The Community Development Project provides legal and policy support to community-led coalitions and movements for racial and economic justice to build power in low-income communities of color, and welcomes the opportunity to support campaigns related to:

  • The creation and preservation of affordable and supportive housing, social housing, and community land trusts; 
  • Protecting tenants and keeping tenants housed; 
  • Ensuring inclusive and equitable housing and economic development; 
  • Advancing and enforcing fair housing and affordable housing laws;
  • Ending the criminalization of homelessness and poverty; 
  • Supporting workers and low-income entrepreneurs, including street vendors;
  • Reparation of the harms of past racial discrimination and segregation; and
  • Other campaigns relating to tackling and undoing systemic racism and uplifting marginalized communities of color.

If you are working with a community-based campaign and would like legal assistance, apply here.

Read more about the work of Public Counsel’s Community Development Project here.

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