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Public Counsel Issues Statement in Response to Supreme Court Ruling on Affirmative Action

LOS ANGELES, CA, JUNE 29, 2023 – We are deeply troubled by today’s SCOTUS decision to overturn its 45-year precedent upholding race-conscious college admissions. These policies have been proven to advance racial equity for students of color who have historically experienced systemic barriers to higher education and still attend college at disproportionately low rates. Today’s decision threatens to roll back decades of progress, dismantling a vital mechanism universities use to promote diverse student bodies, which benefit not only students of color but all students. It is imperative for the collective well-being of our nation that students from all walks of life learn and grow together in our colleges and universities.

While we are disappointed with this outcome, our determination to advance educational equity is as strong as ever. This case further illustrates the importance of Public Counsel’s work to challenge structural racial and economic inequities in K-12 education, and to build school communities where every child has a chance to thrive.  We signed on to an amicus brief in this case because of our firm belief in creating equity through higher education, and despite the Supreme Court’s decision, we will continue to fight relentlessly until every student has the equal opportunity to access higher education, and we bring down barriers to ensure all of us — no matter what we look like or where we come from — can get ahead. 

The work continues.


Public Counsel is a nonprofit public interest law firm dedicated to advancing civil rights and racial and economic justice, as well as to amplifying the power of our clients through comprehensive legal advocacy. Founded on and strengthened by a pro bono legal service model, our staff and volunteers seek justice through direct legal services, promote healthy and resilient communities through education and outreach, and support community-led efforts to transform unjust systems through litigation and policy advocacy in and beyond Los Angeles.

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