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Judge Orders Forensic Audit and Enforcement of Settlement Related to Unconstitutional Gang Injunctions

Promised job training program overspent and underdelivered, must be extended and improved

Community leaders and attorneys stand outside the federal courthouse in downtown L.A. after a judge indicated she would grant their motion to enforce the Rodriguez v. City of Los Angeles settlement.

LOS ANGELES, MAY 8, 2024 – A federal judge has ordered the City of Los Angeles to extend the jobs and education program that was created in restitution for unjust police curfew orders. She also will appoint a forensic auditor and special master to investigate and reform longstanding problems with the program’s administration. 

In 2017, the City agreed to a settlement that would provide a jobs and education program for the nearly 6,000 Angelenos prohibited from being outside after 10 p.m. – a significant violation of their civil liberties and an abuse of police powers.

“Everyone I grew up with has been affected by this situation, and the fact that I can now help them feel whole, makes me happy,” said Tina Padilla, Executive Director of Community Warriors 4 Peace. “Finally, someone who looks like them is actually helping them!”

Public Counsel, which represented the plaintiffs in the case, took the City back to court after learning people were being turned away and subjected to an unnecessarily difficult process for obtaining program benefits. The program also spent as much as three times the amount allowed on administrative expenses, all while the vast majority of class members have received nothing from the program.

“The City owes our clients what it promised them: a jobs and education program designed to provide class members value and  improve their chances of establishing stable, well-paid careers,” said Stephanie Carroll, Public Counsel’s lead attorney on the case. “Instead, it created a hard-to-access program overwhelmed by administrative bloat. We’re relieved the court has ordered an audit of the City’s finances and practices and has continued the claims deadline while that happens. We encourage anyone who’s still facing barriers to access to contact us for assistance.”

The City’s administration of the settlement’s program has been characterized by long delays in providing class members services, as well as asking them to cover costs out of pocket and wait weeks or months for reimbursement. In addition, it may have spent as much as 33% of the settlement funding on administration, despite the fact that the agreement set a 10% cap. The exact spending amount has been difficult to determine due to poorly maintained and inconsistent financial records.

“In 2011, I filed Rodriguez v. Los Angeles to stop the unfair treatment of youth of color throughout the city – that’s what Christian Rodriguez and Alberto Cazarez took a stand against,” said Olu K. Orange, one of the co-counsel on the original case. “The Court’s latest order stops the City from unfairly spending money from the class fund while telling the class members there’s nothing left.”

Under the judge’s ruling, an outside party will oversee the program going forward, and a forensic auditor will review the program’s finances to conclusively determine how the money was and is being spent.

The case is Rodriguez v. Los Angeles, and the plaintiffs were represented by Public Counsel, Orange Law Offices, and Hadsell Stormer Renick & Dai. Anyone eligible for the program created under the settlement who is struggling to get the full benefit of the program should contact the class member hotline at 310-997-0380 for assistance.

For more information about the Rodriguez v. City of Los Angeles class action and settlement, click here.


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