Celebrating Art for Our New Staff Lounge!

Public Counsel staff celebrated with The People Concern and artists from their Studio 526 program to unveil paintings installed in the Public Counsel staff lounge.

Last week, Public Counsel proudly unveiled nine beautiful paintings that have been installed in our new staff lounge. Handpicked by our employees, the artwork was created by The People Concern Studio 526 – a community arts and cultural platform in Los Angeles’ Skid Row neighborhood. The program is rooted in the understanding that equitable access to arts and cultural spaces is essential for all people and communities, and a fundamental human right. 

We were honored to have several talented artists from The People Concern join us at the reception. It was a wonderful opportunity to connect with them, hear their stories, and express our gratitude for their art. Each of their paintings tells a unique story and adds a touch of inspiration to our workspace.

Thank you to everyone who joined us for this celebration, and a special shout out to The People Concern and their talented artists! We are thrilled to have your artwork beautifying our new lounge for years to come. Click here to support The People Concern’s Studio 526.


Edwin is a gifted abstract artist with a deep connection to the inherent beauty of the world. His art, expressed through acrylic strokes on canvas, beautifully captures his love for color, nature, and humanity. Edwin’s abstract style radiates with vibrancy and emotion, boldly displayed in his vivid brushwork that captures the essence of his subjects.

On his canvases, you’ll find landscapes, portraits, and still lifes that come to life with every stroke. Each brushstroke is a testament to his unwavering commitment to creating impactful and resonant works of art. Edwin’s creations are a reflection of his passion for beauty and his dedicated mission to craft art with lasting significance.

Artemis Patricia Ender SolTerra: Originally from Western New York, she embarked on a transformative journey to California while facing the challenges of fibromyalgia and severe dyslexia.

In this new chapter, destiny guided her to Studio 526 at The People Concern. Within this thriving art community, Artemis discovered a sanctuary where she could express herself freely. Here, she uncovered her most authentic voice in the evocative realm of abstract painting, allowing her to turn pain and trials into art. Her creations often mirror personal struggles, propelling her on a path toward healing and rediscovering joy in the act of creation.

Recently, Artemis presented her art in a two-month exhibit at the Grove. Sharing her creations with a compassionate and receptive audience not only aids in her healing process but also provides her with strength and motivation.

Artemis Patricia Ender SolTerra


YoMoki, an artist driven by an enduring passion for drawing and painting, wholeheartedly embraces her creative spirit, allowing it to flow without boundaries. Her artistic expression is deeply rooted in her culture and spirituality, and she artfully weaves humor into her pieces, touching on universal themes.

One of YoMoki’s distinctive techniques involves masterfully employing ink to craft intricate drawings. Additionally, her adeptness in origami shines through, with her endearing kitten characters adorned in kimonos becoming beloved features of her art.

Even in moments when she isn’t actively engaged in creating a new piece, YoMoki finds inspiration in the vibrant colors that dance through her dreams. Diligently, she endeavors to capture and recreate these vivid hues in her art, ceaselessly striving for a state of perfection. Whether through the stroke of a pencil, the sweep of a paintbrush, or the careful fold of paper into intricate forms, YoMoki’s work radiates boundless creativity and imagination.

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