AB5: Proper Classification of Employee vs. Independent Contractor

When hiring workers, properly classifying them as employees or independent contractors has considerable significance for both the workers and businesses, including nonprofits. This bulletin will review the difference between an employee and independent contractor, how to properly apply the ABC test to worker classification, exceptions to the rule, and implications for nonprofits and small businesses.

Alert on EDD Work Sharing Program

Employers that want to avoid layoffs can take advantage of the Work Sharing program. Work Sharing allows employers to reduce the hours of several employees who then access partial Unemployment Insurance to compensate for reduced hours. This alert explains the requirements of the program and the process for enrolling. (June 22, 2020)

Why Your Nonprofit Might Need Legal Assistance

This document lists some reasons why your nonprofit might need legal assistance and some examples of the types of legal assistance provided by Public Counsel’s Community Development Project.

Trademark Basics for Nonprofits [2015]

This guide contains a collection of frequently asked trademark questions and answers, divided into the following categories: Trademark Definitions, How to Establish a Trademark, Proper Use of a Trademark, and …

Risk Management & Insurance Guide for Nonprofits [2013]

This guide provides a basic overview of the risk management process. Using a case study as an example, the guide explains the three fundamental steps that every organization should take in order to create a risk management plan: assess the nonprofit’s risks; mitigate those risks to the greatest extent practicable; and obtain insurance to help pay the costs in the event a loss occurs.