Why You and Your Small Business Might Need Legal Assistance

Neglecting the legal health of a new or existing small business can seriously threaten the success of its operations, endanger its future, and may impact your livelihood. Public Counsel’s Community Development Project (CDP) provides free legal assistance with a variety of transactional issues to small businesses and low-income entrepreneurs located in, and employing residents of, underserved communities in L.A. County.

Mediation vs Litigation: Things to Consider Before Going to Court [2016]

This document defines mediation as a private process where a neutral third person called a mediator facilitates a discussion of the issues at hand and helps you and the other party to potentially resolve the dispute through negotiation; describes several advantages of the process, and provides a list of some local organizations that may be helpful.

Loan Modifications [2009]

In this information sheet, the topic of loan modification options is explored through a series of questions addressing many common concerns of nonprofit organizations that are struggling to manage outstanding …

Lease Modifications [2009]

In this information sheet, the topic of lease modifications is explored through a series of questions that address many of the common experiences and concerns of organizations leasing commercial real …

Copyrights & Trademarks [2015]

This guide contains an overview of federal trademark and copyright laws. It covers the following information: What is a Trademark, Trademark Laws, Choosing a Trademark, Acquiring and Protecting Trademark Rights, and Copyrights.

New Best Practices Guide: Background Checks

This publication addresses some of the key legal considerations governing the use of employee background checks, including federal and state consumer credit reporting laws, anti-discrimination statutes, employment laws, and state and local “ban the box” laws.