Legislative Alert — SB 972

SB 972 is a California law that makes it easier for sidewalk vendors who sell food to obtain health permits by making changes to the California Retail Food Code. This …

The ABC’s of Transition And the Independent Living Program

This manual is for foster youth and former foster youth and will give you an understanding of the resources available to you as you transition to adulthood. There are many services available to you that you might not even know about, such as continued Medi-Cal coverage (health insurance), tuition assistance, tutoring, and scholarship opportunities.

Administering Medication and Incidental Medical Services

Child care providers must follow certain requirements when administering prescription and non-prescription medications and providing incidental medical services to children in their care. This handout is intended to provide an overview of the child care licensing guidelines for administering and storing medications, health-related services, and incidental medical services.

Getting There Together: Tools to Advocate for Inclusive Development Near Transit [2012]

This guide is a Southern California housing advocates’ guide outlining legal tools for influencing affordable housing and land use and disposition policies in a new era of transit-oriented development and smart growth. It sets forth selected strategies that can be used by advocates at the regional, local, neighborhood, and project-specific levels to meaningfully participate in shaping the landscape of our neighborhoods.